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P-Series Power Supply & Control

  • P-Series Power Supply
P-Series Power Supply

P-Series Power & Control Unit is for more advanced applications that usually involve higher temperature, heavier loads and more complex working conditions.

安徽快3开奖结果 - Power: 15KW~120KW

- Heating distance up to 9cm

- High redundancy

- Highly integrated digital control

- Suitable for higher temperature up to 1300℃, and more complex working load conditions;

- Multiple units paralleling provides larger power

安徽快3开奖结果 - Compact design


Life span



安徽快3开奖结果 Input voltage

Rated voltage

3 phase 380VAC,50HZ/60HZ



Output parameters

Heat efficiency


Output frequency


Control characteristic

Control mode

Variable frequency


Power:<±100KW  Power<±0.2%

Power adjustment

Switch or analog adjustment (4~20mA/0~10V signal input, 12VDC/24VDC switch input, potentiometer signal RS485 Half duplex communication signal) multiple choices

Startup time

<1 second

Ambient temperature


No previous NEXT:Heat resistance wire


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